Monday, July 01, 2013

My little monkey Jane and the funny things she says

I have said it a million times but I'll say it again... Jane is awesome. She has such a big, fun personality. Sometimes it drives me bonkers but other times it makes my day. It's like she lives to laugh.

The other day we were all out on the front lawn and Jane wanted to climb my favorite tree. I had let her swing from the lowest branch once but never let her in the tree. She can't actually climb trees yet but she sure did climb up my legs, up my chest, on my shoulders and then stood on my head before swinging onto a branch. That didn't help my back and neck problems but it sure made me laugh. We talked about how you have to be careful or you'll end up with an 8 inch scare like me but I don't think that sunk in...

Here's that little ball of fire doing what her mom lived for as a little girl:

I have been keeping track of random things she says so here's as good of a place as any to share them...

Brandt was asking her random questions and when he asked her what her favorite scripture was, she thought about it and said, "Um, see those black ones over there? Those are my favorite." Good one Jane.

I let her and Wendy have some popcorn while watching a movie and after it was over she walked over to me and said, "Mom? You let me have popcorn and that made me happy. You are my best mom ever." I  would hope so!

I was sitting at the computer and she came up to me and said in a very serious and charitable tone, "Mom, I brought you some food in a shoe." Isn't she sweet...

I was reading a book to her, "Huge is even bigger than big." She exclaimed, "Like you!!!" Thanks Jane.

As I was tucking her in she said, "My teacher at church said that if I close my eyes it will be hard to walk so when I am a robot I will just ask Heavenly Father for help." I'm glad she gets something out of those lessons at church.

And lastly, Jane was showing Wendy the part of the tissue box you tear off to open it and said to her, "You want me to read this to you? Say yes. (Wendy nods "yes") It says, tissue box. Isn't that eentersting?"

Yes Jane. It is "eentersting" and so is what goes on in your head.

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