Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Swing Swing Girls

One of the perks of my job is getting to take my munchkins to the park. We like to try out different parks all the time and living in Chicago gives us many to choose from. Chicago also brings about other opportunities... like seeing a grown woman pee on a wall yesterday at a park.

Despite the occasional crazy person, I have lots of fun out and about with my girls. Jane can swing on big girl swings but since Wendy gets to be in the baby swings she wants to as well. She wants us to push her as high as possible, like almost going to flip out of the swing high. Jane is and always has been a thrill seeker.

Wendy on the other hand has just recently warmed up to the swings. She's definitely a much more cautious child which might be just what Jane needs to stay alive. Wendy just started to like being pushed in the swing (versus just sitting in it) and now likes to be pushed like a normal child and will run underneath the baby swing and point up at it and grunt until I come over and put her in it.

Here are a few pictures of my matching kiddos very pleased to be swinging. Jane got dressed first and Wendy grabbed the clothes I had for her out of my hand, threw them away from us and grunted until I realized she was asking to match Jane.


These are all the little things said...

I love your posts. Thanks.

Angela S said...

Love that Wendy wanted to match. That is great!