Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aspen Grove 2013

This Summer we were blessed to be able to go with all of Brandt's cousins to Aspen Grove. We stayed in a lodge this time instead of a far away cabin and it was SO nice! Jane loved her class, especially the swimming and she LOVED that she got to have rootbeer at most lunches or dinners. Wendy was not a fan of her class. Most of the counselors were super burnt out as this was the last week they were open and 10 crying 18-month-olds just wear a person down. We felt bad for leaving her with them for both their sakes so we only did about half the time. We did enjoy spending some one-on-one time with Wenders though!

Here are some pictures from that week (mostly family night)...

Last time we came, Jane was obsessed with these statues. Obviously they were a big hit again this year.

Jane and her favorite girl cousin(ish) of the trip! She couldn't get enough of Lauren.

Lauren was super sweet and even braided Jane's hair!

Cute girls!

Silly family!

Girl's got muscles! That's a good 60+ lbs right there!

Jane's obsession with climbing trees started on this trip. She didn't fall out of any but did get stuck at Grandma's house while she was "clanecting" some sort of fruit on the neighbor's tree. That's when she decided she wanted to grow up to be a "clanector" or what most people would call, a "collector". Even after correcting her a million times she refused to say it right.

Aww! Me and my favorite little Hurricane Jane!

Oh, these two. You can hardly separate them! I am talking about Brandt & Wendy as well as Wendy and her thumb.

A rare photo of us together!

And, a rare treat for Jane! She was "super DUPER" excited about this and no she didn't get both, one of those was for Brandt.

These next two photos are my favorite. Their faces are PERFECT!
"Hey there, partner. I ain't interested in that there thing you're sell'n."

"I SAID, I AIN'T interested! Now you get off my land before I put a bullet in your tail end!"
"Oh, dear. Here he goes again."

And, speaking of bullets... I thought it would have been the Houston Grandparents who gave this girl her first shooting lesson!

This trip is where Wendy decided it was more fun to go down slides head first. This slide was a little slow for the kids and once they saw Wendy doing it this way they got so excited and all wanted to do it "Wendy style" as they called it.

Trend setter... 


One last train ride before bed. 

Such a fun way to spend a summer week in Utah. Wish we could do it every year!

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