Friday, August 09, 2013

Day Camp Pictures

This year I was able to sign Jane up for Day Camp through the park district. Most of the days were themed days so Jane got to dress up for them and she had a blast. Here are some pictures from some of those days...

Pajama Day! Grandma Arnett (my momma) sent these to her and they are her favorite. She wanted to wear "fancy" pajamas to be like Fancy Nancy.

Super Hero Day! Her friend Ben let her borrow this outfit. I should get it for her because she rocks this style.

This was a picture I took while we were on our way to Game Day. It's their favorite place to stop and sit. She wanted to bring Candy Land but I didn't want her to lose any pieces to the one she just got and my instincts were right, every girl brought Candy Land.

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up Day!

 She chose Fairy Princess even though we spent the morning talking about other options and accompanying monetary pros and cons. It's ok though, she makes a cute fairy princess.

Cute little Wendy that morning. Maybe she'll be a doctor and even things out.

Pirate Day! I didn't know pirates were so sweet!

Oh, that's more like it. Thanks to my friend Nicole, Jane was the most decked out pirate there.

I didn't get a picture of Tye-Dye Day but I was so proud of myself for making sure she was the cutest one there that day. She was decked out in an oversized shirt they had tye-dyed the first day of camp that I had gathered in a cute knot at her waist and rolled up the sleeves secured with ribbons. And, of coarse, pompom pigtails to go with it. I also didn't get a picture of Sports Day because I had the stomach flu so Brandt took her to school but she donned a BYU football jersey her friend Ben let her borrow.

She missed the last 6 days of camp because we came to Utah but I'm glad I signed her up for it. She made a lot of new friends and I got some Wendy time. So far, great summer.

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