Monday, August 12, 2013

Flying Monkeys

Our bed was killing our backs so we decided to buy a new one and let the girls use our old one (only 6.5 years old) as a trampoline and that decision was one of the best ones I've made... seriously. They LOVE it, for different reasons. Jane loves it because she is just crazy in general and gets to be crazy indoors when I don't want to take her to a park. Wendy loves it because it's a super large comfy place to lay down. My kids couldn't be more different.

We keep it in the living room against a wall and lay it down every day for a few hours while they play. Jane will dance, run and jump her heart out to some of her music for ages and it's perfect because it makes her tired and ready for bed.

Here are some pictures (some blurry because Jane moves too fast on this "trampoline") of how they play.

Jane came up with the original belly flop:

...and the flying belly flop:


Just playing around:

...and taking a break:

 This is what Jane does:

She has now moved the mattress as far away from the couch as possible so she can jump REALLY far. She'll be going to the summer Olympics and participating in the "long distance mattress jumping" category.

This is what Wendy does:

...unless we throw her on it:

This softy can only handle so much of the rough play so we just do it a couple times to toughen her up. She's just not a roughhouser and that's ok, we like her cuddles.

Best $650 investment ever. We have learned our lesson though, and they are NOT allowed to jump on our new bed... ever.

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