Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grandma's Garden

One of the bazillion perks of coming to Utah is Grandma's garden. She grows such a yummy variety of food and the girls get to help pick and eat it. We are only growing basil on our balcony at home so this is such a great opportunity for them.

One morning, we all went out to help Grandma pick the ripe vegetables and here are some pictures from that adventure:

First up, green beans:

"Wow, my lucky day!"

While Wendy munches her green bean, Jane learns the proper way to pick green beans off the plant.

Next up, corn! This is the best corn I have ever had.

She was very pleased with her corn plucking skills.

Oooh, zucchini time!

Easy peasy.

Tasty squash!

Very happy with their bounty and my tummy is equally as happy!!

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