Monday, August 19, 2013

Hot Tub Time 2013

Another year, another post about Jane in Grandma's hot tub! This year she is fearless. She was almost fearless last year but I had to be in the hot tub with her whereas this year I just have to be outside with her (solely for safety reasons). Here's my water baby this year and the previous years as well...

2013; age 4

2012; age 3

2011; age 2

2010; age 1

2009; age 3 months


sydney b. said...

Oh gosh I am in love with these pictures!!! So cute

Nicole Murray said...

I can't believe how tiny she was! I also can't believe how much older she looks, just since I've known her. We sure miss you guys, but I'm glad you're having a great time!

Leena Wolf @ H2O Spas said...

I can no longer see this as Grandma's hot tub, but rather come to know it as Jane's hot tub. Haha! It won't be long now til she's asking to jump in a big pool.