Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jane and Wendy: The funny things they do

-For the first time, Jane fell asleep while I sang her a good night song after tucking her in. I thought that only happened in movies!

-Jane is LOVING living in a culdesac. She gets to run to all her friend's homes whenever she wants, share a box of popsicles with everyone outside and get super dirty before it's even noon. Makes me really want out of the inner city life. One day, one day. We'll just have to enjoy this while it lasts.

-I walked into Jane's room to tell her Independent Time (an hour every day where she plays by herself) is over and she enthusiastically tells me all about how her and her stuffed animals are bearing their testimonies and asked me if I wanted to. She then told me that each person who did won a medal... something is sinking in.

-After spilling multiple times on his clothes during lunch, Jane told Brandt in a humongous giggle, "That's why you shoulda weared a bib!" I love 4 year olds.

-"Wendy's hair... looks like she's going to a demolition derby." ~Brandt

Maybe we should cut it. I have been hoping this mullet would fix itself like Jane's did but alas, it's not.

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