Thursday, August 08, 2013

Laundry Day on the Balcony

You know how kids want to do EVERYTHING their parents do? Well, Jane is no different. Brandt's the one who does the ironing because only he has stuff that needs it so after watching him many times, she decided it was time for her to iron some (all) of her stuff.

She set up her station, ironed a few things and hung them up so carefully.

Next, she got her apron and laid it out all nice and flat and ironed away with her dog guitar iron. She's a pro.

 Now time to hang it up.

She's so proud of her skills!

This is her telling Wendy, "DON'T even think about touching this. DON'T mess it up."

 Then, she grabbed the next item that needed ironing and started all over. She is available for hire.

Meanwhile, Wendy gave some good cheeser smiles.

After Jane was all done she got Wendy dressed for the day. Doesn't she look great? Back view:

Front view:

 All comfortable in her little bed.

Ironing day is exhausting... for the spectators.

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