Friday, August 02, 2013

Pierogi Fest 2013

Our friends, the Murray's, let us in on a little secret... that there was such a thing as a "Pierogi Festival" in Indiana. It was only an hour away and we like pierogies so we decided to head down there and check it out.

And as you can tell from this entrance, it had to be awesome:

Unfortunately, we stopped for a late breakfast on the way to Indiana so we weren't hungry but we did enjoy hanging out with the Murray's and seeing how exactly people celebrate pierogies. After walking through the crowd and the million different stands selling food, we stopped and let the children play. Here are pictures of them:

Wendy just found interest in jumping off of things. She does it so carefully and it's more of a step than a jump but the wind up is worth watching every time.

Jane having a fun time dancing. Check out those moves!

Since Wendy could crawl, she has been doing this. We call her "mole" because she is always burrowing her head into things. Jane always thinks it's funny as you can see here and let this go on for quite a while.

The evolution of a hug, starring Jane and Wendy:
It begins with me asking to take a picture of them together.

Wendy is up for it and gives me a big grin.

Then they both start getting into it.

"I'm not so sure about this anymore."

"Ok, I'm done."

"Um, someone help me?"

"Seriously guys, stop taking pictures and help me!"

That's when I put the camera down, rescued that little girl and turned the camera to Brandt, who decided to go grab some pierogies. My sauerkraut and mushroom one was AMAZING.

On the way out, we stopped and let Jane ride the "animal go round" since I have a soft spot for making this girl happy and she wouldn't quite asking. She was beyond excited, which made it worth it.

And, that was our Saturday. Quite the fun way to spend a day together if I do say so.

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Angela S said...

I love the last picture. I love seeing you happy and with your daughter! Perfect