Friday, August 16, 2013

Provo Splash Pad

Before Ann had to go to work one morning, we took the girls to the splash pad in Provo. The water was cold and there were a ton of kids but Jane had fun. Wendy, not so much. You'll see from the following pictures:

See Jane have fun:

See Wendy cling for life because she is so scared of the splash pad. At least she finds a way to be content... and the way is Grandma.

Jane ran and ran and eventually ran right into another kid's head who was at least 2 years older. Jane had an instant blue goose egg on her forehead that took about a week to go away and now she doesn't want to go back. I think we'll try it again so she can get over it. Somehow I think she'll have just as much fun. And Wendy? I think she will have the same amount of fun as she did the first time too :)

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