Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saturday at the Zoo

Our first weekend in Utah, Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Brody and Aunt Jenni, and the girls and I headed up to Salt Lake for some yummy food and to visit the Zoo. We stopped for breakfast at Ruth's Diner and ate way too much. So much so that I could only eat half my omelet because I was stuffed from the HUGE biscuits they bring out before you order.

After we were all filled to the brim, we headed to the Zoo. It brought back great memories of going there with my sister Angela and her kids when they were younger than my girls are now. And, we even ate at Wendy's afterward when I went with Angela so you know that was a LONG time ago :)
Here are some pictures from that day:

Since the Zoo is so far away from Orem, we left early in the morning and the girls ate a pre-breakfast in that car. Wendy LOVES wearing hats and sunglasses and it always makes me smile when she does cause she's so stink'n cute in them.

Shortly after we got to the Zoo Jane decided to see who was stronger, the Rhino or her...

And obviously, with no doubt in my mind, it was Jane.

 She is also so brave she can ride on an elephant's trunk without batting an eye.

Ahhhh! Jenni and Wendy took cover in the wrong place!

That egg must have been a big one...

 ... to contain a wand-wielding little girl!

She's back at it. Jane-1 Bear-0

After the elephant show we got to go to the bird show and these two kiddos couldn't contain their excitement.

Grandma bought us some icees in these awesome cups. Wendy was SUPPOSED to share that one.

So was Jane but she drank most of it too.

Grandpa and Grandma spoiled Jane again when they bought her a ticket for the carousel.

It made her day and mine too because I got to ride a snake on a log :)

We ended the afternoon with some ice cream cones and headed home. A wonderful way to spend our first Saturday in Utah!

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