Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Should have bought a bigger pool

As I watched my girls splash and jump into the new pool I bought a couple weeks ago I quickly realized I should have bought a bigger pool. I knew this one would be a little smaller than the one we had last year that popped but all the other pools were much too big for our balcony. Maybe I will just have to go back and buy one more so we have "hers" and "hers" pools. After looking at the following pictures, you'll understand why...

I simply fill up a few bowls of warm water from our kitchen sink and the pool is perfect in just a few minutes. Wendy LOVES splashing in warm water.

Jane LOVES splashing the water ON Wendy too.

And, she loves pouring it on her an 1/8 of a teaspoon at a time.

Doesn't she look so nice and cozy?

Add Wendy and it's a real party.

Now this is where it got interesting...

Wendy knows just what's coming...

Bracing herself...

And... whoosh! 

Jane eventually came up with the "spit water on Wendy" game.

And did it over and over and over.

Because obviously it's hilarious. Can't you tell?

As you can see, our old green pool under the new one is much bigger. Oh well. I don't think it will last through many more of Jane's long jumps so next time I will get one that can fit two kids instead of one infant :) At least they have fun with that little puddle!

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