Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sports Star Wendy

One of the things I like about Aspen Grove are all the random sports stuff they have there that we can do while our kids are watched by others. Since Wendy spent a lot of time with us instead of with her class we let her try her hand at a few sports...

See Wendy play shuffle board:

Getting a few pointers from Daddy:

 Giving it another try:

Brandt: "Now you see here Wendy, you want to go straight because this here line means that you won't get any points if you go outside of it."
Wendy: "Oh, um...."

 Wendy: "Maybe I'll try basketball."

That ball's like half her size!

But, look at her go!

We spent a little one-on-one time with her at the park. Love my cutie!

 Ok, new day, new sport...

Showing us just how she gets that ball into the hole.

Hole in one! That's my girl!

I think she's got some real talent :)

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