Friday, August 16, 2013

Stunt Woman Jane

As I mentioned earlier, Jane LOVED the swimming pool at Aspen Grove. She was fearless. Her age group could only go in the big pool during class if there was a parent there or someone designated to watch them. Luckily, she had 2 cousins in her class so on two of the days their dads took turns watching them in the big pool while the rest of their class splashed in the kiddy pool. She got to show us all her tricks when we swam together mid week.

I'm serious, put a life jacket on Jane and she'll try anything...

The side flop or as she called it, "the dolphin jump".

Difficulty rating: Master

And, she nails it! 10/10!

This was my favorite.

After a couple days of her doing this, a different life guard told the kids they had to go down the slide feet first.

Jane didn't hear him so when she came back out I told her to do it again so I could take these pictures... he he he bad mom but good shots right?

Then I told her not to do it any more and she rode her "unicorn" instead.

Wendy liked the pool too.

Give her balls and her dad and she'll like any situation.

Just don't take one of those things away or you'll get this face.

I just love this girl! She is SO daring!


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