Thursday, August 01, 2013

The new toy

My back has been hurting so Brandt decided he'd make a rope ladder to make things a little easier for me where the girls are concerned. The purpose is to use it when we are out shopping so I don't have to lift the kids into the cart or so Wendy can climb into her own bed, etc.

Right after he finished it, we tried it out on Wendy's crib. See Wendy climb the ladder:

She's so excited!

Here she goes!

"Oh man. That was exhausting!"

It's still a little hard for her to do it but Jane can do it easy peasy. We keep it in the trunk of the car and Jane loves being in charge of carrying it into the grocery stores. I get the strangest looks from people as they climb into the cart. Other kids think it's the coolest thing. It's funny hearing people "ooh" and "awe" about it throughout the store because I keep it dangling from the cart handle so Jane can get in and out.

Also, my new favorite thing with the girls is doing the self checkout with them. Wendy hands the groceries to Jane, Jane scans them and I bag them. It takes a while but they are SO proud of themselves and they do such a great job. I love being their mom, it's such a fun job!


mombodalini said...

You should tweek it enough for a patent (maybe more kid safe/friendly - so no rope burns or something)and then market it. LOTS of moms would get it I think, just for the "hands free" convenience of getting kids in carts/etc. Might be worth looking into at least..... Awesome idea!

wendy said...

What a great idea~ Look at getting a patent for it quickly before someone else gets credit for your idea!