Friday, October 25, 2013

A Private County Fair All For Us!

While we were in Utah, Jane, Brandt, Grandma Ann and I went to a county fair and had the place to ourselves!

It was 4pm on a Wednesday, right when they opened.

Rides were a buck each,

and there were NO lines!

They got on the ferris wheel, went around a bunch of times and then it stopped so they could get off. Best way to ride a ferris wheel for sure!

Jane got to go around and around and around as fast as she wanted and didn't get a bit dizzy... she never does!

Drive this boat all by myself? Don't mind if I do! 

It was awesome spending 3 on 1 time with this gal.

She's one of my favorite little girls. 

After some hot dogs and yummy suckers, we let her stay up past her bedtime so she could watch some pig wrestling with us.

She didn't get to bed until about 10pm but every once in a while, it's nice hanging out with her after 7pm.

We watched little kids attempt to wrestle a muddy pig...

and adults actually do it. Jane didn't like it though because she felt bad for the piggies (I did too).

A couple nights later we went back sans Jane for an evening demolition derby.

It was awesome. 

So awesome that almost every car had to be towed out after each round.

I love going to Utah for many reasons and one of the top reasons is always the county fairs. I loved getting to take Jane out to spend time with her out of her element. She had a blast. My favorite quote of the evening happened as we were driving home after the pig wrestling. Jane was asking questions about all the stars and the moonlit mountains and then said...

"Wow. I've never been to nighttime before."

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Liz Johnston said...

You look great! It has been awhile since I have seen pictures of you!