Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Harvest Party 2013

A couple Saturdays ago I went on a walk with the girls while Brandt played frisbee golf with some friends. We walked to the library and then to get pastries from a little Mexican Foods Bakery. We always have to stop there when we go to the library. Even though it isn't the best, it's cheap, different and fun to go to with the girls. Here are some pictures from our walk...

Lately these two search out any perch to sit on and ask me to take their picture (well, not Wendy cause she still isn't talking).

My cute little silly faced, hand holding girlies.

Jane jumped off right before this picture and then told Wendy to. I promptly told her not to even though she was ready (to jump to her demise).

Run Wendy run!

Later that day there was a little community festival in a really sketchy area north of us so of coarse we decided to go. I could only talk Brandt into it by continually telling him it was a family activity. He kept saying, "Are you sure you want to go? We could get shot." We escaped unscathed although on our bike ride home a black SUV drove slowly passed us right as I was about to yell up to him, "Hey! We didn't get shot!"

My Jane! After collecting enough stamps by going to local business's booths, they got to get their very own pumpkin.

I think it's funny how little kids love to hold stuff that weighs a lot, like pumpkins, gallons of milk, etc. They sure look cute doing it!

They finally chose pumpkins and were very happy about their decisions.

Wendy getting a little assistance from Dad to look at the camera.

Bounce house slides! Jane was ecstatic to finally get a turn.

Wendy wanted a turn too but alas... she was still a little too young so she "bounced" on the edge while we waited for Jane.

I love Halloween! Well, I love the season. This was the first of about 6 parties they get to go to before the 31st.

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