Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jane and Wendy: The funny things they do

-Jane telling me about a movie she watched once:

"I know I watched it one time. It was called Mouse Hunt but I don't know what human let me watch it."

Hmmm... I don't know what human it was either.

-"This is me, Jane!" And that is what Jane decided to do with her lunch today.

-Made the girls Kool-Aid for the first time because they got packets for Halloween. Holy cow, I can't believe I used to drink this all the time with how much sugar it calls for. As I was pouring in the sugar (I didn't even use the full cup) I could just hear the crazy hyper children I would have in 10 minutes. They did enjoy it though! My favorite part was Jane screaming, "Wendy's tongue is bleeding!"


-My sweet and crazy 4.5 year old was playing with this tree frog that she dressed up all morning. After I made her stop to get ready for school, she couldn't find it. She looked everywhere and asked Wendy and I. After no success and no prompting to do so, she quietly left the room and went to her room where I heard her say the sweetest prayer asking for help to find her tree frog. Made my heart so happy that she knows where to turn for help. I found it on the bathroom sink a few minutes ago and she will be so glad to see him when she gets home. 

-Jane to Wendy as they were playing in their room:

"According to my laptop, I need baby Jesus."

-In case you were wondering what happens when these 2 girls play in their room, quietly and peacefully while I clean and cook in the kitchen. They rarely get along and when they do, something bad always happens.

They came out so proud and Jane said, "Wendy is my pet dog and she wanted some style so I gave her some style. Isn't she pretty?"


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