Saturday, November 16, 2013

Random November

Here are some random happenings from the month of November:

"Look mom! I'm an angry bird!"

Crazy girl rigged this up all on her own. It made me laugh so hard.

 Matching sisters watching a show after a bath. I love that they both want to match all the time.

Taking a selfie break with the littler miss.

It's fun to spend time one on one with her.

Continuing on with the silly faces, here are the girls posing for a picture with Wendy's new baby stroller. Wendy is trying to make the same silly face as Jane.

Wendy LOVED the stroller. We had to help Jane understand it was Wendy's because Jane loved it just as much.

Janie and Dad at the Chicago Children's Museum building things.

I absolutely love seeing little children sleep. They are so sweet looking. I went it to get Wendy up from a nap and she I was able to get a picture before she woke up.

Wenders in a baby swing:

Janers in a baby swing:
They were equally hard to get out afterward.

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