Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Houston Christmas 2013

It was fun being in Houston with my family this year. We all (except Anna) got to open presents together Christmas morning. I made some monkey bread for breakfast which only Brandt and I ate because everyone was on diets... boo... but it was yummy. My mom got up extra early to let the dough rise. That could have been her Christmas present to me.

We didn't wake up too early for gift opening, which was nice as a parent. We took our time and when everyone was up and ready we began the fun.

Wendy's favorite stocking gift... cuties. She seriously ate half of them or more that day and opened them all by herself!

Jane was a fan of just about everything.

Jane helping Wendy open her new baby bassinet:

This is Wendy's new pet from Uncle Pat. She LOVES it!

Uncle Pat REALLY spoiled my girls this year. He gave Jane the very gift she wanted SO badly... Daisy the cat.

She was in heaven. This is as close to a cat as we'll ever have for a pet :)

Brandt spent the day making Christmas dinner for everyone and after we ate we went back to Galveston to look at the Christmas lights and go on a special boat ride courtesy of Uncle Pat.

The crew about to get on the boat:

Cute Jane had a blast dancing with her cousins, exploring the boat and enjoying some hot cocoa:

It was a wonderful and EXHAUSTING day! We got back close to midnight and were all very, very tired. I got to ride back home between Jane and Jimmy with their heads resting on my shoulders :)

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