Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jane and Wendy: The funny things they do

-Looks like this little thumb sucker found a replacement (or two). And, looks like I need to do something with those bangs...

-Chicken and waffles for breakfast = Jane's dream come true.

That's what happens when Brandt takes the meat off the rotisserie chicken at the breakfast table. Both girls ate about half the chicken and wanted more even though it was cold... shutter.

 -Jane got all of the things I needed for getting Wendy ready for bed without me even asking and next to the items was a sweet note she wrote to go with it. It says, "I L U (her way of writing I love you) Mom" and she signed it with her name. Sometimes she amazes me.


After a little more time:

-Brandt brought home Godiva chocolates from work which was a bonus but what really made my night was walking past him on the rocking chair with both girls in his lap (in their pjs) sharing the chocolates and overhearing him tell them, "I am so happy to see you girls. You have no idea how happy it makes me to come home to you."

-"I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year... I want to pay tithing, I want to pay tithing, I want to pay tithing in the happy new year!"

And that's what Jane sings every time she sings the song, seriously thinking those are the words.


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