Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Post Ferry Ride Park Trip

After the Galveston ferry ride we headed to a park for lunch and some bird free playing.

Grandpa going up...

Grandpa coming down...

Wendy has always been a HUGE fan of swinging. First, middle and last thing she wants to do at a park.

Grandma pushing Jane on the swing:

Jane and Uncle Josh swinging SOOOO high!

My favorite part was talking (almost) everyone into laying in this for a picture:

The boys (and Jane) went on a walk to explore something a ways away while we snacked at the table. When Wendy noticed her daddy was gone she was determined to walk to him. It was the furthest she'd ever walked and we all just sat there laughing at how zigzagged she walked to get there. Finally she started crying so I had to run and help her get the rest of the way but I was so proud of her for trying!

We played so hard almost everyone fell asleep on the way home. Blessed Reed stopped and let me get some of my favorite Houston donuts before we got home. Mmmm. Shipleys.

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