Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wendy Mae's 2!

I've waited a while to write this post because she didn't have her 2 year appointment until today and I wanted it included in this post. Now that we have all the info... here we go!

Wendy has been with us for 2 years now. She seems like so much more of a baby then Jane did. Part of it's probably because she isn't talking much and probably that she is obsessed with holding blankets while sucking her thumb. We like to call her Linus. It's a perfect name for her.

We are trying to break the thumb sucking habit but what we did for Jane (making her only suck her thumb in her room) isn't working for Wendy. Wendy loves laying down so when we tell her to go to her room if she wants to suck her thumb, she happily walks in there, lays on Jane's bed and sucks her thumb. We've got to think of a different tactic...

I mentioned she isn't talking much. She's got about 30 words she says regularly. She isn't speaking in sentences yet but she has started putting two words together like, "mommy help" (as of today) and "no! mine!" (as of forever). She isn't really good at repeating words we tell her. She either can't make the sound or she just doesn't try. She did just learn to say the sound a frog makes... although it sounds much more like a manly Spaniard frog and less of an American female frog. Cracked us up when she did it out of the blue this Sunday. So, today at the doctor's we talked about it and we're getting a referral to a speech therapist. Hopefully it will help and at the very least, give me the info and tools I need to help her better communicate. She understands EVERYTHING we say and is very smart, she just can't speak.

She still calls Jane "Boot" but has also started calling her "Iya" (pronounced Eye-ya). I don't know where either came from... maybe Jane is just a hard name to say. She is really good at saying "sorry". Any time she does something wrong, makes a mistake or mess or hurts someone, she immediately says "owee". It's so hard to stay mad at her the moment she says it and sometimes I get upset at the fact that I can't be upset. She sure knows how to get out of trouble.

In the last couple of months she learned to actually get her feet off the ground while jumping and loves to bounce on the trampoline (our old mattress). She is also great at climbing and doing somersaults. At the park she likes to swing and constantly demands "mo woof" (her version of underdog). She also likes to climb up chain ladders and slide down head first. She likes building with Duplos and is a wonderful cleaner-upper. She is a great helper and will go do anything you ask (well, except if you tell her to come to you). She LOVES people. She calls all my friends "mom" and wants them to hold her and help her and shuns me. I guess I should enjoy the vacation but I feel like a slacker for not helping my own child. She takes great naps and sleeps like an angel at night... 7pm-7am.

Some things Wendy LOVES:
-Snuggling (especially if she's sick, then she will snuggle ALL day and not whine once)
-Food (anything except peppers and macaroni & cheese)
-Trying to be like her sister (wants to do up her car seat buckle, push all the elevator buttons and color with markers)
-Picking out her clothes (very picky and if she has her heart set on a particular shirt or pair of shoes there is no changing her mind... very different from Jane)
-Juice! (she would drink juice ALL day if we let her and doesn't care for milk much)
-To be mean to Jane (she's an instigator and is frequently yelling, "No! Mine! No! Bye bye! Mine!" and then goes in for the kill..or rather, bite.)
-Her daddy (we had a good month or two where she treated us equally but now she is back to only wanting her dad to help her with things or to hold her)
-Boots (she only ever wants to wear boots so I guess it's a good thing she has three different styles to choose from)

The stats:
Wendy was NOT happy to go to the doctor today. She immediately sat on my lap, folded her arms, gave a big huff and yelled, "No! No! No! No!" at him. She knew what was about to happen and was not going to have any of it. Eventually she warmed up enough to stand on the scale very still, stand up straight to get measured and she even laid down calmly for the reflex and blood pressure check. She got 3 shots today and obviously didn't like them but calmed down after just a few seconds. Here are her measurements...

Weight: 31.5 lbs (90th%)
Height: 34.25 inches (45th%)

Now I know I am justified in thinking she is breaking my back. Who knew this little girl who had to be induced because she wasn't growing and was born at 5lbs 7oz would be so big!?

Well, that's about it. We love our little squish SO much. She is always making us laugh and smile with the quirky things she does. She is definitely a girly girl. She doesn't like to be messy, loves getting her nails painted and asks (motions) to get her hair done. She's going to be one feminine teenager... with all that entails.

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