Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jane and Wendy: The funny things they do

-You know when Papa Johns is such a HUGE part of your life when your 4 year old randomly sees a picture of said Papa John and says, "Hey! It's John!" And yes, because she saw and said his name we just HAD to get it for dinner tonight.

-Just found out Wendy has pneumonia and is now on meds to help BUT 2 awesome things happened because of it: I made money again on her prescription so after the Dr. co-pay and prescription cost I'm up $5! Second, on our way out of the hospital, a super old dude was playing the piano (very well) and a Dr. was playing the cello. The Dr. asked Jane if she had any requests after watching for 10 minutes and she requested Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Jane totally sang the whole song perfectly and loud for the whole crowd to hear! She's my little star! I almost cried I was smiling so big!

-After Jane's bath she ran into the living room beaming with excitement and screamed...

"I got a zit! I got a zit! It's my first zit! I can't even believe it! I didn't even grow up yet but it's my first time, my first zit! I got my first zit!! Oh boy!!!"

-After dinner Jane said, "Thanks for the broccoli mom. I didn't even know I liked it!"

Sweet, sweet words to hear.

-Maybe you shop at target too much when your 2 year old who doesn't speak much says, "home! home!" When you pull into the parking lot.

-Instead of cleaning her messy room, Jane decided to pull out one of her Dick and Jane books and read it. This is the first time she's taken it out on her own and listening to my 4.5 year old sound out the words all by herself is magical.


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