Saturday, January 25, 2014

Powder Mountain 2014

Brandt's parents booked a condo at Powder Mountain and invited us so naturally that's where we spent a week in January. I love that Ann loves teaching her grand kids to ski because Jane is old enough now and got to ski with Grandma! We had a super fun time up there and are so happy we got to go! They spoil us!

Snow EVERYWHERE! Yes, Wendy is eating that snow chunk.

My happy ski bunny!

I just can't get enough of my baby with baby skis!

The first push:

She actually kept her balance really well!

Now it's time for Grandma to take over. I love Wendy in the background.

Too young for skiing but not too young for fun in the snow!

While Brandt, Jane and Grandma were off skiing, Wendy and I got to play.

We swung on swings:

We slid down hills:

And the best part? We drank hot chocolate:

Another day we went sledding down some awesome hills at the resort. Dad and Wendy:


Janers and I:

My cute family:

Can't wait till we can do this again!

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