Friday, January 17, 2014

Silly Jane and the things she says

Jane said the breakfast prayer this morning and here is an excerpt:

"And I'm glad Wendy is in our family because she is the funny one and I am the fast one in our family. And, Dad reads books and mom makes us food."

She is such a sweetheart. To tell you the truth I had no idea what she was going to say when she got to me... kind of worried but she chose well :)

On our way to our date this last weekend. Target and then ice cream!

Lately, thanks to a Curious George episode, Jane is obsessed with animal tracks and wants to go hunting for them. As she was drawing them yesterday, we had this conversation:

Jane: "Mom, when can I pet a dinosaur?"
Me: "Oh Jane I'm so sorry but all the dinosaurs died a long time ago."
Jane: "All of them? There aren't any left?"
Me: "No, sorry Jane!"
Jane: "Oh man! I always wanted to pet one!"

She was genuinely sad and depressed about it. 

So proud of the "car" she made with her lunch and her animal track guide near it.

She's at that age where superheros are starting to be awesome. She doesn't have much exposure to them in our home but she sure knows a lot about them. I asked her where she learned about them and she said:

"Ben. He's a good super hero teacher." 

She came out of independent time all mopy and said she was bored. I turned around and saw this neat "hat". Oh Jane.

Ben sure taught Jane a lot because she told me all she knows about Spiderman (who she has always been afraid of, like terrified of).

"Spider man is the creepiest ever. He gets all the spiders and throws them at bad guys and the spiders eat the bad guys up into tiny balls and then Spider man throws them at other bad guys."

I would be terrified too!

Jane wrote a note (with my spelling help) to Superwoman and this is what it said:

Dear Super woman,

Please teach me how to do a super power. That would make me much happier... and giggle. 

Sometimes she pig wrestles Wendy (not kidding, that what she tells Wendy she's doing) and sometimes she puts the broom across the couches and tried to walk across it. Sometimes she's crazy and I lose my mind. Sometimes while playing with her sister she says, "Kiss, Wendy?" and gives her a kiss. I'll take all those moments because she is one awesome and creative and super funny girl. I am SO thankful she's my baby girl!


Angela S said...

I love you Jane!

Haley and Mitch said...

Ben is definitely a good superhero teacher. And I must agree - spider man is creepy. Anyone that imitates a spider has some real issues.

Love that Janey!