Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Trip to Texas

So here are the rest of the pictures from our Texas trip, including the drive there and some random things we did. Oh, how I miss my family already! Some of these pictures aren't the best quality but I don't want to forget those moments!

On the way down to Texas we were in need of dinner one night. We looked up some places and found this gem. It HAD to be good based on all the decor outside of the restaurant but we had no idea what to expect.

We definitely didn't expect crazy amounts of food to be brought around at no charge or giant rolls to be thrown at us! Jane wanted to catch one but chickened out at the last moment.

And, speaking of chicken... this girl LOVES "chicken bones". Chicken legs are probably her favorite food ever.

Everything there was big... the portions AND the balloons they gave the girls as we walked out. We couldn't bring them in the car the rest of the trip so we used the helium to make funny noises the next morning :)

Later that night we went swimming as a family to tire the girls out before bed.

They were beyond excited! My favorite part was seeing Jane AND Wendy be brave enough to hold their breath under the water to go under that window behind them which leads to the outside part of the pool. I couldn't believe they could do it! My least favorite part... a tie between my little swim suit not fitting my 12 week pregnant body (the last time I wore it) and Wendy getting a poopy diaper in the pool. Ick.

This is from the next night. We booked a hotel with a pool but when we got there they said their pool wasn't working so we let them play in the bathtub and then relax in bed and watch a movie.

Typical Arnett fashion... ginger bread house competition! We used glue guns this year so I made a robo-santa. I burned myself twice, used all the red hots and spent way too long building him. Never again.

Jane's favorite part of the trip was probably picking grapefruits with Grandpa. She was a great helper till she went out one morning without him and picked about all the rest of them herself instead of just a few a day. Again, sorry dad! She's been obsessed with planting her own grapefruit trees since and saves all the seeds to plant.

One of the days, Brandt and I went out with my parents. We went to Johnson Space Center where I got to see my first (at least that I remember) longhorn! Holy cow those horns are huge!

We then went inside and saw this awesome space shuttle.

After that we went to play some mini golf. I lost. I lost bad. I even lost to my mom who is apparently a mini golf shark. I can only remember playing with her twice but they were both a LONG time ago and man she's good. I think she practices when she's up by herself in the middle of the night.

It was so great to see my family and especially great for my girls to see their grandparents!

One last goodbye picture before we headed out.

My favorite part of the ride home was a tie between two things. One, eating lunch in a town where virtually everything was closed and boarded up and Jane had to go potty really bad. We ended up having to take her behind the closed dry cleaners and having her squat. She thought it was the coolest thing. Two, this moment below. Both girls asleep fell asleep at the same time thanks to Hugh Nibley.  Awww, peace.

Can't wait for the next road trip to Texas!

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