Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jane and Wendy: The funny things they do

-Wendy just randomly came up to me and said the following, complete with the correct robot movements...

"Baby Jesus beep bop boop."

Quite possibly my favorite ever.

-Jane had woken up twice because of bad dreams she had after watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time. After much conversation, some water and a trip to the bathroom, I decided to tell her what I did as a kid when I was scared. I told her how I would pray before bed every night and said, "if I was still scared I would put my blanket over my head and say another prayer." She responded with, "but putting a blanket over your head doesn't make any sense." Says a 4 year old who asks to be my pet dog every morning and puts underwear on all her animals as hats...

-Jane is in love with her cousin Lily and as she was playing with her she said, very surprised, "Lily has pictures of me in her eyes!"

-You think I'd know better by now than to...

Tickle my 4.5 year old to get her off of my head. She only got off (by me throwing her off) when I noticed I was wet. Unfortunately she has the world's best laugh so I LOVE tickling her. Next time, I just won't do it while she's near my face.

-Jane burst out of her room SO proudly saying, "Look! I'm a church leader!

 -Taking her dishes to the sink after breakfast, Jane said, "Ouch! I stepped on a toy! Do you ever have that feeling like you stepped on a toy?"

Yes, Jane. Story of my life.

-After an hour of sleeping, Jane just came out of her room completely sleep walking! I had no idea what she was doing at first because she wasn't responding to me but this is what happened...

She opens her door, stops, and acts like she's drinking the door (making the drinking sound). Then she walks over to her art table, picks up her marker tub and starts drinking it (kind of gets caught off guard as the markers tumble out all over her face). I take her to the bathroom and ask if she needs a drink of water as she drinks a pretend cup from her hands. I almost wet my pants holding in my laughter so I pawned her off on Brandt. He gave her a drink and then asked if she needed to go potty when she says "no" but grabs the toilet paper, tears some off, wipes her bum (she's fully clothed) and hands it to Brandt. As he leads her back to her room, she grabs her headband and climbs into her bed through the most awkward opening.

I can't stop laughing, picturing the markers hitting her in the face and her shaking them off still trying to drink.

-Jane's hitting the printer, turning it on and off and yelling at it. I came in the room to see what in the world she was doing and she was screaming, "Give me a coupon! Just give me a coupon." She turns to me and said all exasperated, "How do I get a coupon!?!?!"

Ha! She's my girl.


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