Wednesday, February 26, 2014

La La Too

With Jane in school, Wendy and I get to go on little dates almost whenever (MWF) we want! Last week we went and got some donuts...

After noticing the knife and trying to brush her teeth with the sharp side, she got down to business cutting pieces off her donut.

Little munchkin so happy about her leftovers. 

When we first stopped in, we went straight to the bathroom. I was trying to wash my hands because you can't eat donuts with Chicago-germified-hands but there wasn't any soap left in the dispenser. I was trying and trying to get the last drop out while Wendy was grunting and squawking and calling my name. After a bunch of "just a minute" and "Wendy, hold on" I looked over to her where she was pointing very proudly to a different dispenser on the other wall that I hadn't seen. She was trying to help me the whole time and knew just what I needed! Smart girl. It's so hard to remember she's a big girl because even though she's learning new words daily, she doesn't speak in sentences. She IS a big girl and is SUPER intelligent.

Today, we went to Target (where for the first time she demanded to "wok" (walk) and actually did for half the time) and then headed to McDonald's for lunch. This girl can eat! I can't get away with buying her a chicken sandwich and splitting a medium fry anymore. She called just about every man "Dad" and when I'd say it wasn't dad she would look at me with a curious face and say, "Man?" Yes, Wendy. You may call him "man" if you wish.

We came home and she went straight down for a nap but not before giving me a high five and asking for a "huck" and "kiss". She is such a great napper (knock on wood).

Anyway, I love this munchkin. Apparently, she loves me too because on Valentine's Day she said, "la la too" for the FIRST time unprompted after I told her I loved her.

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