Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today's moments

Jane made me smile a lot today. She's growing up too fast and I better enjoy and record every moment of it.

Yesterday I told her about the holidays that are coming up after Valentine's Day because she's obsessed with Christmas 2 months later... I told her about St. Patrick's Day and how she has to wear green or I'll pinch her all day and we laughed about it. Well, as I was laying in bed this morning I overheard her tell Brandt, "I already got dressed and I am wearing green so I won't get pinched." Sure enough, she was wearing green from head to toe. Poor girl! She's gonna be paranoid for a long time.
My Ninja Turtle playing the Kitty Piano while on a date with momma last week.

Later in the afternoon while she was playing by herself in her room she came out saying she was ready to be Santa (told you she's obsessed) but she needed help putting on the final item, a belt. I put her "worker man" belt around her waist and she showed me just how exactly she was Santa. Here is a picture of it because words just can't do it justice. She said her reindeer even had antleers (which were my favorite part), sat down on her sleigh (the car) and grabbed the reigns. She even changed her clothes so she was wearing all red, just like Santa. This girl has got an imagination!

We were making a Valentine's Day craft today and she went to her room and came out dressed up in her Cinderella dress. She was acting so sweet and princess like and asked me to dance. Of coarse we did and then she went and got an outfit for Wendy. After both were dressed and were wearing the "tiaras" Jane so carefully chose for both of them, this is what they looked like (both giving me their princess smiles)...

And lastly, my little girl is getting SO smart! We talked about money while we were in Utah the last two weeks and what coins and dollars are and how they compare and today she walked up to me, proudly handed me 4 of her quarters and said, "Can you give me a dollar bill?" She had the look on her face like something the moment before clicked and she was so proud to show me she understood what I had been telling her. 

My super smart and sweet princesses.

It is so cool seeing her learn. I remember thinking at one point, when I was trying to teach her to recognize letters too early, that she'd NEVER learn the letter H. I would tell her it was an H and then ask her what it was and she'd say A or G. It was so frustrating but now she knows all her letters, is obsessed with writing them and wants to write letters and send them to everyone. We compromise on her using the envelopes I get in the mail and (not that she knows this) me recycling her letters every few days. If I didn't do that we would be swimming in overstuffed envelopes that can't actually be mailed! Here is an example from today.

P.S. She just woke up after being asleep for 4 hours and when I went in to see why she was crying and calling for me, it was because she wanted me to finish the "No foxes are allowed in Chicago because they eat all the picnics" sign by putting the line she drew before bed on it "so it will stand up and be a real sign". She even spends her sleeping hours thinking of crafts!

Here is the sign she's currently dreaming about.

So I can't write a whole post and not write something about Wendy. My favorite moments from her today were... When she wanted me to snuggle her (for like 15 minutes) after she had to go to time out for cutting the Snow White dress-up while we were doing crafts. When she repeatedly ate the granola off the floor throughout the day because it was still there from her spilling it at breakfast and me not sweeping it up yet. When she sang along to a Frozen songon Pandora by repeating the phrase "Let it go" every time the singer sang it. And finally, when she said good night to the baby in my belly by giving my tummy a big hug and kiss. She is SUCH a sweetie.

Little girl put herself down for a nap in her sister's bed.

Love my girls and am thankful every day I get to (and want to) stay home with them.

The end.

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