Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Awkward Easter Dress Pictures

The girls ended up wearing their Easter dresses to church this last Sunday so I took some pictures after Church ended. We meet at a school right now while they build our new building downtown so that's why you see a school-type stairwell here.

I did not get one good picture of the two of them at the same time but I did get a bunch of awkward expressions/poses so obviously I am going to post them...

Eating apples and taking pictures does not go together very well.

 Jane just learned this hand on the hip pose and did it for about 50 of the pictures I took.

I'd get a good one of Jane and then Wendy would give a super silly cheese face.

She's trying so hard though. Maybe I should have just let her eat her apple.

There's a cute Wendy face. 

Whoa! What happened? Oh, I asked for silly faces.

The one-handed monkey face from Wendy and who knows what from Jane.

 I'll try again when Easter get a little closer. I've got to get some use out of these dresses since they cost me $2.50 each... that's right, only $2.50, thanks to Target clearance and a little forethought!

On a seperate note, we went out for Chinese a while ago and loved our fortunes because they all seemed to match us...

Me: A financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes. Yes!!! I do the finances and make all those decisions so, sweet!

Brandt: Your leadership qualities are greatly admired. He is the Elder's Quorum President at our church so maybe that's what it's talking about?

Jane: You are often the life of the party. Very, very, true for this crazy child.

Wendy: Others enjoy your radiance. Radiance would sum her up nicely :)

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