Thursday, March 06, 2014

Day to day with the kids

Yesterday and today have been great days. I think it mostly has to do with the mood Jane has been in. Wendy came down with croup night before last so she's been sick but the steroids helped really quickly so she's back to normal now. Jane has just been in this super sweet, wanting to help and happy mood and I LOVE it! It's a drastic difference from 2 days ago when I was exhausted by lunch time. I told the girls, as they were eating, that I was tired of being the mom for the day (don't judge me, it was an awful morning). Jane said, "Oh, you should just take a rest! When I get tired of being Jane I just go to my room and take a rest on my bed or just read a book." I glanced over at the 6 loads of laundry I just washed that needed folding and got sad that I couldn't just take a rest but her spunk helped.

(Showing me her sweet face after requesting I take her picture. Isn't she a beauty?!)

As I was reading bedtime books to Wendy last night, Jane made me close my eyes so she could surprise me with something. When she allowed me to open them she had cleaned her whole room without being asked and had even folded all the blankets on her shelf PERFECTLY! Earlier in the day she made her bed without being asked too!

Today I was organizing and folding all the boy clothes we have and was getting a little grumpy because the girls kept knocking over all my piles. Eventually Wendy went to her room to play and Jane decided to help me. She mostly just chatted with me about baby brother and folded his little hats but after we were done she said, "When brother comes out to play I will tell him that I did all of this for him." I said, "And what will you tell him about me?" She said, "That you helped a little bit (showing me a little bit with her thumb and pointer finger)."

 (The other day I told Jane to go take off the dress up she was wearing so she could eat dinner and she came back out wearing something else... The sweater that belongs to my build a bear, Christopher. I can't believe she got that thing on! I had to peel it off of her, pulling on it while using my foot on her tummy as leverage. Oh and that's her moose's scarf.)

The most amazing part of my day though, was when she brought me a book while Wendy was napping and said, "It's reading time!" About halfway through, she put her hand on my belly to feel the baby and kept it there while she finished reading. She is getting SO good at reading and has been SUPER sweet about this baby boy. She's so excited for him to come!

Wendy on the other hand is already angry at the baby for being in her way when she wants snuggles and for being the reason I can't pick her up anymore but she is also saying "baby boy" almost as much as she says "baby Jesus" (which is ALL the time) so that's gotta mean something... Ok, I have no idea what that means. She's learning a couple words a day and repeating random things I say. I love hearing her talk even if it isn't conversational sentences.

 (Wendy's new favorite thing is making this face. I call it her "melting face" because she has so much skin on those squishy cheeks of hers that she can contort it so that her eyes look like they are going to ooze out. I love it.)

Tomorrow will be a new day and bring who knows what to the table but I will have enjoyed these last 2 days with my little girlies. I have always missed them after they've gone to bed and can't wait to see them in the morning (no earlier than 7am...).

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