Monday, March 24, 2014

Random good times

What have we been up to lately?

We had crepes for breakfast. This is Jane showing me her chocolate fingers. Someone was excited I made her the breakfast of her choice!

Wendy was pretty excited too so she had to show me her messy fingers as well.

They didn't stay messy for long. Quickly licked clean.

We went to a grocery store we'd never been to and after noticing they had $1 mini gelato we HAD to get some. Chocolate for Jane cause that's her fave and lemon for Wendy because it's white and doesn't stain :)

Jane ended up eating half of Wendy's before starting on hers. Classic. I think we'll have to go again. There were lots more flavors we didn't get to try!

Jane got some super powers! Meet Spiderman, Wolverine and Ladybug.

Careful, these aren't superheros you'd want to mess with.

We rode our bikes to a local park that had just been re-done. It's awesome now. Wendy has been VERY adventurous and after only one failed attempt, climbed to the top! What a change from the younger, super scared Wendy Mae!

She's a huge fan of "big girl" swings now. She now says, "puppy" for underdog about a thousand times every time we go.

The weather has been super cold so if it's even a little warm, say 30 degrees, we'll go to the park. This time it was a little too chilly as I noticed I could see my breath before we left. Hopefully it gets warmer sooner rather than later so we can go more often.

Wendy has also shown interest in potty training. She will poop in the potty and lets me know when she needs to go (or needs to go more after using her diaper a little). So proud of her! We're going to give this almost 2.5 year old a potty training party on Saturday and pull out the big girl undies! She's still only really saying one word phrases but has started to say, "I don't know" in the cutest way possible. She says it like it's one word and folds her arms under like she's a chicken. Love it! Otherwise, she sounds like a cave woman... "Me. apple." "Me. Help." "No. Iya."

We're looking into getting Jane a 2 wheel bike with petals for her birthday in May. She was SO excited to go to the bike shop to try one on for size. We'll get the one we want ordered and she'll be thrilled. Then, we'll get Wendy on the balance bike.

I am in the last week of my 2nd trimester and starting to want time to speed up so he's here already but also want time to slow down because I'm terrified of all the new baby stuff we'll have to go through again. Maybe I'll just try to enjoy these next 3 months of being with my two big girls!

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