Saturday, March 22, 2014

Random March

Some random pictures and other funny stuff from March:

First time to Mariano's so we HAD to get gelato!

Driving to church on this sunny day, squished in the middle of these two beauties, with an hour less sleep.

 Maybe one day we won't have to "Spring forward"...

The best part of Pi(e) Day... A fistful of whipped cream!

Babysitting at my friend's house. Well, more like destroying my friend's house BUT doesn't Wendy look so cute in this hat?!

Wendy likes to play in the play room downstairs at Jane's school after we drop her off and she was so proud that she could climb up this spider web without holding on!

Happy little face!

Some big smiles from my big girls after stopping for some lunch! I LOVE spending every day with them!

And other funny things that happened this month:

My poor, poor Jane this morning. She's started singing very depressing songs when she feels sad. Here is a snippet of the VERY long song she is currently singing...
"No one cares about me or loves me. All the love is dead. People just talk at me and laugh at me. They spit and laugh at me. I'm just a little kitty too. Are you? Me too? Are you? Me too? We are all a family of kitties. Someone jibbers and talks and laughs at me. I don't know why they do it. They just don't know either. You don't like me. My dad likes me. No one likes me but you. You never see me or care about me. You never like me too. They just talk to theirselves. Someone does but I don't care. All the loooooove is dead. I just play by myself with no friends by myself. No one plays with me. I don't know whyyyyyy. People don't like me, people don't like you, it's truuuueeee!"
Then she whimpers and says, "How do kitties cry?"
How depressing for a 4.5 year old!

On our way out the door to vote Jane says, "Oh, I can't wait to see what boating looks like! I've never seen something like that before. Is it just a hundred boats floating in the water?" Maybe it is a good thing I'm getting my big belly self off the couch to teach my daughters about our civic duty...

At the breakfast table...
Me: (to the music of Let It Go) Oh Jane, how are you?
Jane: (to the music of Let It Go) I am good, eating food! (proceeds to sing the actual song)
Brandt: Would you guys please stop singing that song? It's getting really old.
Me: I know! I only sang it because it's been in my head all morning.
Jane: (continues to sing)
Brandt: Jane, please stop.
Wendy: Let go, let go! (and then laughs)

For a girl who grunts a lot, she sure has great timing when she uses almost actual words! She got a lot of tickles from Brandt for being a stinker.

Jane's singing "just around the river bend". I ask her how she knows that because she's never seen the movie and she says, "You know! That movie, Coco ham? No. Coco hams? No, grrr, what is it!?" That's really close to Pocahontas... really close.

I was disappointed at the mess the girls made in their room while I made dinner.When I asked Jane about it she said, "Wendy did it! But mom, you don't need to worry. I'll clean it. I'll always clean my room, you don't even need to worry. You can count on me because that's one part of life." Love her.

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