Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Moments in life

This is a completely random post comprising moments in time lately that I've captured. Enjoy!

 Wendy. She's obsessed with hats. On this particular day, Brandt was out of town and she decided his hat was hers for the day. I think she pulled it off quite nicely.

Jane. The same morning as above, she decided to try her hand at scarf tying. This scarf also belongs to Brandt and wrapped many, many times around this little girl. After doing so she said, "Is this how you tie a scarf? Did I do it right?" Yes, Jane, that should keep you warm.

This is one of my favorites. Jane's tutu, Jane's goggles and Jane's slippers.

If you know Wendy, you know she likes to be comfy. A few weeks ago I let them watch Robin Hood after Jane got home from school. The chair originally faced the computer but it always turns around and I guess Wendy didn't want to have to redo all her work so she watched the show backwards until I fixed it for her.

Cute little Wendy, squatting to watch the landscapers rip out all our grass (after taking out the trees). Occupied her for ages!

A picture from National Superhero Day this week at school. My little Super woman! Wendy wanted to dress up as well so we put a cape on her and called her "Wendy Woman". She learned the word "hero" that day!

Family update...

Me: I'm 32 weeks pregnant, getting pretty uncomfortable and ready for this little boy to be on the outside of me!

Jane: Loving swim class and school. She's not afraid of the water AT ALL and tells the instructor to basically, "go long" when it's her turn to jump in. We have been having school at home on days she doesn't have actual school and she is doing awesome with addition, subtraction and reading. She's a smart girl!

Wendy: Wendy is still learning new words each day. She's not very conversational yet and still grunts or spits out 2 or 3 words over and over but she'll get there. Today she made a HUGE leap and said, "Read me book!" It wasn't very polite but I'll take it! She's rocking potty training and hardly has accidents, she's an awesome napper, loves to help out and goes to get you anything you ask for, and when she's hurt or upset she points to the ground for me to sit so she can have snuggles since she knows I can't pick her up. I love her snuggles. One day we'll get her to stop sucking her thumb, or maybe not, she's pretty stubborn when it comes to that...

Brandt: Same old same old. He has been even more amazing than normal with helping out. He tries to get home to put the girls to bed and lets me sit while he does it, makes dinner if I haven't yet, understands if I can't clean (in fact asks me not to) and cleans when he has the chance and lets me sleep in every Saturday, waking me when breakfast is ready. I just love him! Seriously, who wouldn't after all he does!?

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