Saturday, April 19, 2014

Random April

Some random pictures and things that happened in April:

Every Thursday we meet up with some great friends for swim class.

We sit on the bleachers and watch our little fish swim.

They are pretty crazy little fish.

But super adorable.

And Jane, Katie, Ben and Lydia love it.

And we love them!

Big day at school for Jane! The mayor stopped by and all that politicking must have tuckered this little gal out!

 She fell asleep after picking up some green beans and popsicles (cause it's 60 degrees, what, what!?) for an after school snack  

Some other funny things that happened this month:

I just walked into the kitchen to find a hand sticking out of the pantry, holding the salt shaker. I opened the door and Jane had a sad look on her face and a ton of salt in her hair. The top of the shaker was wet so I knew what happened but asked anyway...
Me: Jane, tell me what happened.
Jane: (very guilty) I snuck it. I'm sorry. It has a yucky taste.
Salt of all things. I personally would have gone for the Cadbury mini eggs that were well within reach.

Jane's picking out clothes for her and Wendy... "No! We are going to wear red and white because we want to match St. Nicholas!"
It's Easter! She is still obsessed with Christmas!

At breakfast...
Me: Gross, I just threw up in my mouth.
Jane: (with the biggest smile) Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. I think that's yummy! It's like a drink!
So gross, Jane. So, so very gross.

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