Monday, April 07, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Our Beautiful Trees!

When I left to take Jane to school, the landscapers were out front working on the lawn. When I came home after running some errands a couple hours later, I found this...

Talk about devastation! I have NEVER been one to cry over a tree being cut down and in fact, balked at the idea of my home town spending millions to relocate an old tree so they could build a road where it originally stood. This, however, has made me change my tune. If I had known they were going to cut those BEAUTIFUL trees down, I seriously would have chained myself to them. I would not have let them take them. Sure, they were getting so big that the lawn stopped thriving and the garden couldn't grow because the trees blocked most of the sun but they have provided luscious greens in the summer and heart warming reds, oranges, and yellows in the fall. They have provided a beautiful backdrop to many photos off our balcony and much needed shade and privacy to our home. I will miss them DEARLY! Oh, I'm so sad!

Here are some pictures we've taken over the 7 years we have lived here in memory of those two parts of our lives...

They were my favorite thing about fall. The beautiful colors that lit up our street. Those trees were the backdrop to my first pregnancy:

Those trees were a place where sisters could sit and share secrets:

 Where 3-year-olds could take their first year of preschool pictures:

 Where ladybugs could take their first steps:

Where sweet doctors could crunch in the leaves:

Where monkeys could climb their first trees:

Where Cabbage Patch Dolls could stand and watch the leaves change colors:

And most of all, those trees were a backdrop to SO many memories of my babies as they grew from little squishy cuties... 

and curious explorers...

to crazy "super hero fishing cowgirls"...

Oh, a part of me had died. I wish I could go back just 4 hours and make it not happen!

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