Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Tonight was one of those nights I want to remember forever and always. After dinner, I was cleaning up the girl's plates when Jane came out of the bathroom and said, "Um, mom? Can you wipe Wendy? She's all done." I said, "Wendy went potty? Did you tell her to?" Jane said, "Yes, I am going to get her ready for bed so you don't have to!"

And that was the beginning of a super sweet exchange between sisters. After she went potty, Jane got Wendy undressed and told her to go lay on the elephant pillow so she could brush her teeth. I secretly watched while Jane twisted Wendy around, sat on top of her and started brushing her teeth. She told Wendy to "show her pretty teeth" and "say cheese". When it was time to brush the inside Jane tried to use a trick we do where we have Wendy say "ah ah ah" to twinkle twinkle little star but instead was a little confused and started doing it herself to "I am a child of God". At the end she guided Wendy to the bathroom to spit and supervised while she did her rinse and spit.

After she wiped Wendy's face off, she took her back to the bedroom where she tried really hard to put a nighttime diaper on her. I helped after a valiant effort and then Jane put Wendy's pjs on (she skipped a button but otherwise did a great job). She then sat Wendy down and told her words to say, syllable by syllable, for her prayer. After the prayer Jane read a page out of one of her books to Wendy. Jane ACTUALLY sounded out and read each word. Every bit of this was super sweet and cute. Jane was such a sweet sister tonight!

They fight A LOT, like even this evening Jane bit Wendy after Wendy stole some of her popcorn and Wendy likes to take stuff from Jane to make her life difficult BUT they do have their sweet sister moments. Like...

After reading Fancy Nancy to them today, they decided to make their hair "fancy".

At my last appointment I brought the life-saving iPad. I thought they'd fight over it but Jane instantly tilted it so Wendy could see and even told her what buttons to tap during the games.

I really hope they are best friends when they get older. I know they have it in them, they just need to want to and keep practicing :)

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