Monday, December 23, 2013

Galveston Ferry Ride

When we visited Houston in December for Christmas, we drove down to Galveston to ride the ferry. I have great memories of riding the ferry as a child and thought it'd be way fun to let my girls do it.

Although it WAS fun, "fun" was probably not the BEST word, maybe it was a little more scary for them when the seagulls came...

Run for your life!

Hesitantly tossing them bread to eat:

Such a brave girl!

One of the 3 casualties... Grandpa, Grandma and Tyler got pooped on... ick!

She was safe and only ok with being there in daddy's arms.

 I forgot how terrifying these birds can be. You never know when their bombs will drop!

Later on, upstairs we tried to get a picture of Aunt Angela with the girls (hi Joshy in the background) but as you can tell, Jane was SO done with the cold and wind.

Aunt Angela and her look-alike, Wendy!

Wendy, tell me what you thought about feeding the birds...

Once again, happy inside and in Daddy's arms.

 I'm a Texan so here is the obligatory Texas flag photo:

Back in the car, ready for a picnic lunch at the park!

So glad we got to go on the ferry since it'd been a long time. We'll try our luck next time we go when it's a little warmer outside :)

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