Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jane turns 5!

Brandt was able to take Jane's birthday off because he had already worked 40+ hours by Wednesday so we got to celebrate Jane's birthday as a family! We had a blast and used every minute of the day. By the time bedtime hit we were ALL super exhausted.

We started off the day making Jane her favorite breakfast, German pancakes. After we got all showered and ready to play we let Jane open her big birthday gift... her brand new 16 inch pedal bike!

We had talked to her about getting a new bike for her birthday so it wasn't a complete surprise but she didn't know what bike she'd be getting.

Happy big girl! We did a ton of research to find the best bike for her. I'm glad that part is over and she's happy with it!

A perfect fit. She wanted to ride it right away but we had to wait for Brandt to get the other bikes and helmets out.

I couldn't stop her though. We took the training wheels off before giving it to her and she went from a balance bike to a big bike like a pro!

 Pretty proud of herself. After getting our bikes and me making her wear elbow pads, gloves and a helmet, we went on a bike ride down to the beach. She rode a block without stopping, then 2 blocks and then she basically never stopped. She is an awesome and fearless bike rider! Only one accident since getting the bike (a few days later) and it was just because she forgot she had brakes and put her feet down to stop herself causing one of the pedals to scratch up her leg. She quickly recovered and kept riding.

After riding bikes, Wendy went down for a nap and Jane and I went shopping for some birthday cupcakes, a balloon for her and Wendy (she chose a red heart for herself and a Mickey balloon for Wendy) and some special snacks for a picnic (she wanted BBQ chips and a lemonade). It was super fun shopping with my 5 year old! We came home and I packed our lunch while Jane took my phone (I NEVER let them touch my phone) and took a bunch of pictures of stuff she wanted to remember for her birthday. This one is my favorite cause I want to remember it too...

 We got all packed and headed to the zoo where we met up with some of her friends, Kennedy, Katie, Ben and Lydia.

We spent the first half looking at animals:

 My girlie. Good thing she wore that hat, it was an odd 90 degrees that day!

I love it when the polar bear is out. Besides the lions, the polar bear is the coolest animal!

She may be 5 now but her paw is just a little smaller than the polar bear's paw.

Ahoy! I see some giraffes!

We had a super fun time at the zoo with our friends. We spent the second half inside one of the buildings that has a climbing structure and I think everyone was happy to get energy out and be in air conditioning!

We drove home to get swim suits because Jane had swimming lessons and after swimming lessons we went to Five Guys for dinner because Jane LOVES their peanuts. She even ate her first hamburger ever that meal! We got home, gave the girls a bath, her primary teacher came over and dropped off some gifts, Jane opened those and the rest from that day and off to bed they went. It was seriously a very full day. 

Happy birthday little Jane! We love you!

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