Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jane's 5th Birthday Part 2

Jane-o doesn't have school on Thursdays, which is when her actually birthday was, so she got to celebrate it a day early! We brought rice krispy treats with surprise chocolate eggs in the middle. She was so excited to surprise all her friends when they bit into it.

When I picked her up from school she was wearing a birthday crown! She wore it the whole rest of the day. Here are some pictures of my pre-birthday girl playing at her school park with friends...

So, Jane. She is a super fun, friendly, adorable, smart, active and sweet girl. She loves to play, loves to be with friends, loves to help and surprise me with service she's done for me. She loves to match clothes with her sister, read books (she can read Dick and Jane books by herself!) and eat loads of fruits and veggies (peppers being her favorite). She can add and subtract, draw amazing pictures, sing beautifully and loves to make "bird salads" with the vegetable scraps when I make dinner (which she chops up, puts in a bowl and leaves on the balcony for the birds to eat). She is very brave and only cries for a really short time if she gets hurt. She's a tough little girl.

When we went for her 5 year appointment she weighed in at 42.75 lbs (75th%) and her height was 43.75 inches (75th%). She was only able to get one shot, which she freaked out during, but did awesome during the blood draw about 20 minutes later. She'll need 2 more shots when the Dr. has them and then should be good for a long time! We are all happy about that.

As I type this she is cleaning the living room and organizing things that need organizing just because she wants to serve me. She is a great helper and a sweet heart. She is still wishing me a "happy mother's day" over a week after the actual day. I just love this girl to pieces.

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