Friday, May 30, 2014

Random May

Some of the fun that happened throughout the month of May:
 A date with my girl because the first Sonic in Chicago opened today! Tator tots and cherry limeade slushies... Finally!

Jane smacked her head against a metal bar on Tuesday when she tripped over her own little feet and got a nice bruise/black eye. This morning she blew my mind.
Me: "Jane, you look like a battered woman."
Jane: "No! Don't eat me!"
Never once have I thought of that phrase in that way...

I finally figured out what to do with my old coupon inserts! They always beg to clip coupons like me and they have no idea (or care) these are expired. Happy little savers!

Janers set the table all by herself! She thought of doing the utensils that way all on her own "just like the restaurant"!

Little sister snuggling into big sister while watching Peter Pan.

They have their moments and I sure love when they do.

Getting on the bus for her first field trip and first bus ride! My big girl!

Bye Jane! You're growing up too fast!

Our morning: Jane setting up obstacles to jump over "Evil Knievel" style. Wendy is an oblivious but willing participant. Finally had to stop it when she made Wendy sit up for one of her jumps... Get your tickets now to see Hurricane Jane live!

And some other fun from this month:
Saw a car with 6 American flags on it, waving all around. Jane got all excited and said, "Probably it's a Mexican car!" She's so ready for Memorial Day...

Me: Jane, what are you doing?
Jane: I'm still opening my mail.
Me: What's Wendy doing?
Jane: She's just getting a massage, in the massage chair.
My girls are such adults!

Answering questions from "The Friend" magazine...
Me: If you could go anywhere in the world for one hour, where would you go?
Jane: (without a moment's hesitation) Candy Land.
Good choice little girl, good choice.

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