Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Introducing: Boston Knight Brinkerhoff

After 2 hours of contractions the night before (Tuesday), a few while I was sleeping and contractions every 2-7 minutes apart all the next day (Wednesday), I heeded the advice of 2 different nurses and decided it would be best if I went to labor and delivery to get checked out. I waited until after picking Jane up from school at 3pm and after getting them situated at a friend's home, got to the hospital with Brandt about 4:30pm. They checked me and I was already 3.5 centimeters and 70% effaced. I thought maybe it wouldn't happen because I was 18 days early but all the nurses just laughed and said, "Yeah... you're having a baby tonight."

They hooked me up to penicillin and I just breathed through the contractions until my arm started on fire. I didn't need penicillin with the girls so this was a new experience. It hurt way worse than the contractions. The nurses put some ice on it and thank goodness that helped. They checked me 2 hours later (about 7pm) and I was 4 centimeters. I could handle the contractions at this point but knew they were getting worse and since the anesthesiologist was available, I went ahead and asked for the epidural. I got it about an hour later (8pm) and it hardly hurt AND it worked this time! I was super nervous because Wendy's only worked on my right side but this time it worked like a charm. The guy who did it said, "I guarantee it 100%".

They started me on pitocin when my contractions started slowing down about 45 minutes later but had to come slow down the pitocin because I was having contractions every minute with no break (though I didn't feel them). They came in and checked me and broke my water about 10:30pm and I was 8 centimeters. Shortly after, I started feeling pressure and they said the baby's head was coming down so they got all ready for me to push. I pushed for MAYBE 2 minutes, a total of 4 times, and out he FLEW along with most of my water behind him. Everyone in the room gasped when he came out because they weren't expecting it. It was so fast and so painless I said, "That was too easy!" Boston Knight Brinkerhoff was born at 11:05pm on June 4, 2014. He weighed 6lbs 15oz and was 19.75 inches long. My biggest by more than a pound. Brandt said, "You didn't even break a sweat or make any noise!" I am VERY grateful it was a million times less painful than Wendy's delivery.
 First picture:  
He was often sucking his fingers during the ultrasounds so naturally he is in his first picture as well!
 (Forgot the camera since we didn't think we'd be having a baby so the next few are from my camera phone.)
His 3D ultrasound image from 31 weeks pregnant:

He had heavy breathing so I couldn't hold him or nurse him for a while. Finally I got to hold him but still wasn't allowed to nurse him because they didn't want to stress his breathing more. I did try when they left because I knew he was hungry (a few hours after birth) and he latched on perfectly. They kept checking on him and finally did a chest x-ray which showed he had a lot of fluid in his lungs to go along with the heart murmur they found earlier. They took him to the nursery for an IV and monitoring so I got to sleep a little bit, you know, as much as you can with people coming in and out. 

I spent the next day visiting him in the nursery every few hours and about mid day was finally allowed to bottle feed him a little. Because he was in the nursery, Brandt didn't bring the girls to see him (no kids allowed in there) but Brandt came and spent a good part of the day with me. My favorite was visiting Boston in the nursery and feeding him while Brandt was there and my second favorite was the both of us taking a nap kid-free! Brandt left to take Jane to her preschool graduation and I visited Boston a couple more times before turning the night feedings over to the nurses and getting my last night of rest. I was able to sleep from like midnight to 6am and it felt so good.

 Pictures from the day after he was born while in the nursery:

On Friday, Boston was finally off the IV but still needed to be monitored so he continued to stay in the nursery. I had Brandt bring the girls to come see him at least through the nursery window but when they got there he had just gone in to get the little snip snip so we had to wait a while. They finally brought him into our room and the Dr. gave us the go ahead to go home! The girls were SO excited to see him! Wendy would say, "See baby boy?" and have Brandt lift her up, then walk back to her chair and a minute later repeat it again about a million times. 
Boston meets his sisters before getting released on Friday:

My favorite part about that afternoon was when I was changing his diaper for the first time and as all of us were crowding around him, he peed over himself and onto Jane. Jane started saying how gross it was that he peed on her hands and Wendy starting scream crying because it scared her so bad! Their different reactions still crack me up. Now every time I change him, Jane warns us all what can happen. 
My sweet Boston Knight:

We finally left around 3pm and are now a family of 5! The kids out number us and I think they know it :) We are grateful Boston is healthy and doing well, that my epidural worked and that the labor and delivery were easy. I'm also very grateful to have Boston on the outside of me!
Going home!

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Nicole Murray said...

I love the picture of the kiddos all together! Also, I love that you got to sleep for 6 hours straight...especially after months of getting up every hour or so. Congratulations!!