Saturday, June 28, 2014

Random June

Some of the fun that happened throughout the month of June:
I love it when kids start liking to draw. I was sitting on the couch feeding Boston and I looked up to see this.

We need central air...

My sister wanted a picture or Boston next to a donut so she got a picture of Boston next to a donut.

Little afternoon out at the beach park.

And when Wendy doesn't want to walk but dad's pushing a one-seater stroller...

Jane's obsessed with Boston and loves to get right next to him and ask for a picture.

I found Wendy sitting at the table so quiet, "reading" The Friend Magazine. I had to take a picture of her little person doing something so grown up (and I love the way she's sitting).

And a funny from this month:

I asked Jane to come to me so I could ask her a question and she appeared in my doorway with pants and undies around her ankles saying, "I can't I need to go potty fast!" I said, "Take them off your ankles and you can get there faster." She just stood there and eventually said, "I can't because then I'll be unmodest! Is that ok?" Maybe we need to have a talk about what "unmodest" is.

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