Sunday, June 15, 2014

To A Wonderful Father

I got really lucky, like, REALLY lucky. When I met Brandt in college I knew if I married him I would have cute kids but I didn't know just how wonderful of a father he would be to those kids.

Every single day he is an amazing dad. Why?

1. When Jane asks him to match her and Wendy, he obliges.

2. You can tell he finds true joy in reading to them each night and not just because it's one of the steps to put them to bed.

3. He loves playing with the girls, whether it be tossing them on the trampoline (mattress), board games or just tickling them.

4. He loves taking them on adventures even if it's just bike riding or going to different parks or the beach.

5. He is a wonderful example to them of what a father and husband should be.

These girls (and Boston) have it made...

...because they have him for a dad.

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MandiScandal said...

That picture at the end is TOO cute!