Saturday, July 26, 2014

Random July

Some of the fun that happened throughout the month of July:

Little man wearing his first necktie(ish)! Happy Sunday!
Someone is so excited for Christmas that she requested a door countdown decoration. With a little cutting help, she put this gem together. Luckily she was ok with months instead of days!

For "what I want to be when I grow up" day at day camp, Jane chose a kitty. Last year she was a fairy so I think this is progress!

Boston is a tired baby. He often falls asleep during and after feeding him. I could sit here for hours with him snoozing on me.

Can Wendy get any cuter? Love you girlie!

Sometimes it just feels good to grocery shop as a "ballet player". And, sometimes mom just doesn't care what you wear!

Does this count as his first conversation?

The older two are learning how to be 3. I think they are doing a great job.

Jane's new obsession... making things out of her food. Yesterday it was a chicken and today it was this. I absolutely love it. If her food projects all turn out this awesome I'm okay with her playing with her food.

And, 5 minutes later we have a full "person"!

Boss enjoying some tummy time:

And some other funny things that happened this month:

Jane came up to me while I was holding Boston and said, "I'll trade you my two pennies to hold Boston."
Deal! I think he's gonna make me rich!

Me: Ok, Jane, you finish your worksheet while I make us some lunch.
Jane: With a side of candy, please.
Well, she asked so nicely...
Just did my first post-baby workout! I was surrounded by children trying to follow along and Jane said, "We're going to have LOTS of energy after we're done, huh?!" No, Jane. We're going to lay down on the floor like a sweaty old dog when we're done and do nothing for hours.

We survived my first day by myself!! And, managed to get the house clean, get the kids fed and not raise my voice!
My favorite Jane quotes from today:
"Boston, do you ever have a feeling like you just eat milk... all the time?"
"Boston is crying to death!"

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