Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wendy BEND-y

We had a BBQ at the beach this past weekend with some friends which is always fun. Every time I see Lake Michigan I feel blessed it worked out that we could live SO close (a block and a half) away from it and the surrounding beaches and parks because I had no idea it was even there before we moved here AND we signed our lease without seeing our apartment (where we've lived almost 8 years).

ANYWAY, my favorite thing about this BBQ (besides the ooey gooey rice krispy treats) was seeing Wendy eat chips with her super filthy feet. It's true what they say about 3rd time parents... you just stop caring about certain things. So, here's Wenders showing the Bishop of our church how she eats chips with her feet...

Hey! Check this out! I just played in the sand and am about to eat a chip off my nasty feet!

See! It fits right here! I won't use my hands to eat it because they are sticky from other chips and rice krispy treats. It's much more sanitary to do this. Good thing I'm cute, huh?

Nom nom nom.

I hope she never needs to use her feet because something happens to her hands but if she does, we know she'll be just fine.

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