Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wendy's First Haircut

While we were in Utah last month we were able to visit our favorite hairdresser, Jill. This time I got to make appointments for myself, Jane AND Wendy! We'd been wanting to do something with her hair for a long time but we didn't cut Jane's hair till she was three years old so I couldn't bring myself to cut Wendy's until now (even though she's only two and a half).

I had talked to her all week about getting it cut. At first she was would say, "no" and throw a fit but as it got closer she seemed excited. It was finally the day and we walked downstairs to where Jill cuts hair in her home and Wendy would not budge from the last step. I even tried picking her up and she wouldn't let me. It took a good long while before I could get her to let me hold her. Finally I was able to calm her down and she clung to me with her life as Jill cut Jane's hair. By the time Jill was done with Jane, Wendy had discovered the toys and had completely changed her attitude. She hopped up into the chair and was super happy to get her hair done.

Here are some pictures of her before and after the haircut...

Her pretty, long dirty blonde hair.



 We loved how her hair naturally framed her face so we wanted to keep the front part the way it was.

Love this shot. Such a girlie girl!

This is the best shot I could get of the actual haircut. I always get their hair cut on windy days!

But no matter how much wind, she's still so cute!

And, my Jane after her haircut!

Happy first haircut Wendy Bendy Mae!

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