Saturday, August 16, 2014

Downtown Girls

Today I took Jane downtown with me to my dentist appointment. I love that she is old enough now that it's fun instead of just having to take her with me because I don't have a sitter. We've been looking forward to this all week and kept the details of our little adventure a secret from Wendy and Brandt so they wouldn't get jealous (mostly Wendy). We said goodbye to the family at about 9:30am and hopped on the train.

After switching seats about a hundred times "to find the right one" Jane asked for my camera so she could take pictures of things so she could remember the train ride.

Very important stuff here... that one should never be forgotten :)

Like me! She just HAD to take a picture of me... I told her it was only fair to take one of her.

Then she was back at it. At one point she said, "The train is just going too fast for a little girl to take pictures." Ha!

After taking this one she said, "See mom! See those flowers (in the tiny open window)!?! I don't want to forget those!"

She really wants a camera of her own for Christmas. "A pink camera that takes pink pictures of pink flowers and is a phone. A REAL one that never runs out of batteries but does run out of batteries" to be exact.

Our first stop... Do-Rite Donuts! I had no idea it was right next to my dentist which is probably a good thing because I'd be a lot less healthy and a lot poorer.

About to take the biggest bite of her life of the biggest donut ever!

Yeah, I had to put the camera down when she actually started licking it.

That's better. And, much more hygienic.

It didn't have sprinkles but it was chocolate and that's all that really matters in her life.

She made the mistake of dropping some of the bread bits on the ground and quickly made a whole lot of new friends.

Then she wouldn't stop feeding them. I couldn't take a picture when there were about 20 more of these rats with wings because it was getting a little scary but you get the idea.

She thought it was hilarious. 

Next up, the Bean!

Here she is discovering her reflection:

It was fun watching her experiment with it.

And obviously she had to take some pictures.

After this we headed to the dentist and then home. It was a super fun outing with my big girl!

Oh, it did help that there weren't any anti-genocide "parades" this time, although she was sad to not see one :)

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